Crochet Blocking Tool

As I've said time and time again... I love to crochet! There I said it again!

With that said, I have always been trying to come up with a novel solution for blocking crochet squares. I've used knitting looms and they work great for a couple sizes but not for all and you can only block a couple at a time. I was in search of something sturdy that would stand the test of time and it was nowhere to be found online or in retail stores. In fact the majority of online techniques included tedious pinning to a blocking board, steaming and waiting for it to dry. When you have 67 squares to block, before you can seam together a simple baby blanket it seems like an eternity.

What I came up with was a home improvement store improvisation. Below you'll find a list of all you need to complete my DIY Blocking Tool, that I think will hold up.

All you need is
  • 16 in. x 16 in. Black Plastic Pegboard) , 
  • 4 1/4 inch metal rods measuring 24"
  • 8 1/4 inch washers
  • 8 1/4 inch nuts 
  • Electrical tape
Use the electrical tape to coat the rods so your squares aren't snagged when loaded on.

I secured the rods to the base using a wrench, washers next to the peg board and nuts fastened tightly next to them. Load the squares you would like to block and spray with a mist of water. Finally place the second peg board equally spaced on the rods and let the squares dry naturally!


Brambleberry Shawl Pattern

I just received my February Yarn Box

I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

I have decided to make a shawl combining Berroco's Halstead Shawl and  Neptune's Tears shawl, by Anastasia Roberts.

An easy beginner-friendly shawl alternating solid and lace panels that 
can be customized to your preference! The placement of 'eyelets' in and 
near the center spine create a 'teardrop' running down the shawl. 

Feminine and light weight, this triangle lace shawl features eyelets down the center and beautiful lace edging.

I totally love this yarn! I'm sold on merino wool yarn. The pattern was easy and versatile and allowed me to play with different stitches and still achieved the look I was hoping for
Here's how it looks!

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My Yarn Box

Yarn Box is a monthly yarn subscription club, that mails you at least two or more full-sized skeins, patterns and more from carefully selected sources. I was lucky enough to receive my 6 month subscription for Christmas from my extremely thoughtful fiance! I'm so happy with the beautiful yarn I received, and inspired to make something I will adore and wear proudly.

This month I got one skein of Pixie Dust Mini in Iceberg Mist

and Stargazer Silk in Blue Lagoon.

I decided to make a scarf in a simple back loop single crochet. I also added some fun snowy yarn to finish it up. I really like the cool winter feel of the colors. Now all I need is a big white winter coat to show it off with!


Giraffe Baby Hat

I made this darling baby hat using 5.5 mm hook and (medium 4) worsted weight yarn.

You can purchase this pattern at www.poshpatterns.com or 


Wine and Oats Ripple Afghan

I was inspired by a dream to make this blanket. I know that sounds silly to most, but when you're as yarn obsessed as me, sometimes yarn creeps into your dreams. What I saw was a flow of rippled colors and I commented to myself that it reminded me of wine and oats. 

Yarn: Acrylic 
Hook: 6mm
Size: 65" x 38"
Ravelry: Link
Availability: Sold 4/19/15


Green Lemonade Bottle Inspired Baby Blanket

I just love granny squares. They're so simple and cute. And I'm also very fascinated with the idea of using color palettes from pictures as my color inspiration. This is the inspiration for this blanket. 
Sold January 31st on Etsy

I like working with motifs because I can make a blanket in sections and stack them as I go. Somehow, it feels like I'm getting my project done a little faster. 49 cute little squares patiently waiting to become a blanket.


I've found that knitting looms are a great way to block squares. I just give them a spritz of water and let them dry. Although, some of the looms don't have and equal amount of pegs so sometimes they come out a little funny shaped.

I used a 5 mm crochet hook and Caron 1 Pound worsted weight yarn.

 This baby blanket is a crocheted in a granny square motif, in salmon, mint green, sky blue and smokey grey. It measures 33 inches by 33 inches. The yarn is 100 % Acrylic and soft. A perfect throw blanket for the stroller or crib. You can wash it on delicate cycle or hand wash and hang to dry.